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I once knew a guy who made his GT "like seven midgets", so when playing online with him you'd get messages like "You killed like seven midgets" or "You were beaten down by like seven midgets".-Kristen
I was playing COD:MW2 and I walked into a lobby and into the middle of a conversation between some people and this girl.Girl: "Yes. I'm a girl" Boy 1: "Shouldn't you be in the kitchen?"Boy 2 "Yea, you should be making me a sandwich with you left hand cause girls don't have rights." (Get it?)The room: (laughing)Girl: "OMG, that's racist!!"The room: (slient)
Not that it really matters, but her avatar was blond…-Phil

I play Black Ops every couple weekends or so, and I'll be the first to admit I'm not incredibly good, but I do alright. My username is mopar_chick**, so I usually get subjected to some hilarious comments. This past weekend, I was doing absolutely terrible and was raging pretty hard, when some guy started giving me shit for being a girl. I promptly told him that this was the closest he'd probably been to a girl in years and to shut the fuck up and make me a sandwich.-Caroline
So, I was playing search and destroy on MW2, and this kid starts yelling at us for doing bad after a game. I ask him if he had to get his mommy to buy the game for him, to which he was less than pleased. Before I even get the chance to retort to his stream of f-bombs, I hear the kid shout, "Hey mom look at the new gun I unlocked!" -Matt
Back in the good ole days of Halo 2 I let my dad play, he's about as good at an FPS as an intoxicated monkey, meaning he will run around with the gun pointing straight up. Anyways someone from the other team continually keeps telling him how shitty he is, he retorts with "Listen here you fucking cocksucker, I'm going to shove my dick so far up your ass your going to choke on it!" Dude shuts up and leaves immediately. Way to go old man.-Justin
I was playing Halo Reach on St Patricks Day and there was this one guy in the lobby who had a clover for an emblem and entirely green armor. When we started the game he put on a fake Irish accent and said stuff like: – 'suck my potatos' when he teabagged people- 'Oh no, This is worse than the potato famine' when he died – 'Ayetiditidi, I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow' when he found a good weapon like a rocket launcher, energy sword, etc.-HG