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I finally caved today and drank my last bottle of Mountain Dew Game Fuel. It was 5 years past the expiration date.-Anonymous

This year I had a short Christmas list. One of the few things I asked my parents for was the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel set. When my mom went to the bookstore to get it for me, the clerk commended her purchase. He told her that graphic novels are a great way to get young kids into reading. They shared a good laugh when she informed him that I'm a 23-year-old college graduate still living at home.-Anonymous

I've played Nascar videogames so much that one of my controllers only turns left. Now I have an oval controller and a road course controller.-Anonymous

I painted my windows black so the sunrise won't distract me during FPS matches.-Z

After months of begging, I finally got my girlfriend to watch Star Wars with me. That Christmas she got me a plastic lightsaber and started understanding my Star Wars jokes. A week after Christmas I invited her over to play Star Wars with my buddies and I. I guess she thought I meant a videogame. When she showed up, I handed her a blaster and told her to be Princess Leia so we could reenact the series. She broke up with me less than a week later.-Ryan

I named my son, who is 6 now, Tyrael off of Diablo 2. Other names my wife turned down include Link and Blanka.-Anonymous

I lost my DS a few weeks ago. I planned to waiting for the 3DS to come out before buying another one. Well, I got food poisoning before that happened. I was bedridden and bathroom-ridden all day. I wanted nothing more than to have my DS to keep me occupied. In between spurts of throwing up and diarrhea, I got in my car, went to Target and bought myself a new DS. I barely made it back home before I threw up again and it was completely worth it.-Kevin

This week's "This Submission Doesn't Count or Make Sense" Award goes to:I have a shitty job that doesn't pay well and I live on my own. I shit at work just to save money on toilet paper. Final Fantasy VII is the best RPG ever.-Dor