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I have found that playing in the nude improves my KD. The whipped cream doesnt hurt, either.-Zach
I just overheard my younger brother telling his friend over Xbox to "Watch out, they're taking us from behind!" while playing CoD Zombie. -Tild
I was playing in a COD: BO Team Deathmatch and a little kid was repeating what everyone saying ex., 'You're an ass' 'No, YOU'RE an ass'. Until one point someone said 'Yeah that's funny, If I wanted my own come back I would've wiped it off of you're mothers chin.' The kid raged-quit a few moments later.-Matt

The other night I was playing team death match on Modern Warfare 2 with my boyfriend and two of his friends. Everyone in the lobby had mics except one person, and one guy went 'WOW people who don't have mics are faggots' and continued to harass him. It went quiet, and the dude with no mic put his mic on and said in a very strange voice 'people make fun of me when I talk.' The entire lobby died of laughter, and the dude with no mic carried our team to victory. -Mekenna
My little brother is an X-Box addict, and since he's medically retired from the Army he can play videogames all day. He was retired because his left leg was blown off. While playing Call of Duty Zombies his friends like to shoot the legs of a zombie and let it crawl around as long as possible without killing it. They call it the "Michael" (his name) zombie. He got mad at first, but now he's the first to cripple a zombie and call it by his name. People who don't know him are usually freaked out by it, especially when he's the one laughing maniacally as he messes with the crippled undead.-V.
I was playing COD Black Ops online and these 2 kids were ripping each others moms. One of the kids said that the other's moms pussy smelled like shit to which the kid said "No, my mom's pussy smells good". -Nick
My buddy and I were playing Halo 3 and some dude would not quit whining after our beat him. Some guy on our team said a terrible "sexing your mom" up joke, to which the guy replied, "She's dead dude." My friend doesn't miss a beat and said, "So that's why she didn't squirm when I fucked her."-Josh