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I was playing infection in Halo Reach and the last man standing was about seven years old. After he screamed at us in a really high pitched voice about how he was going to rape us, I intervened and told him to shut the f*ck up, his voice was too high for human ears. He asked me why he should shut up, so I told him that if he didn't I would shove my energy sword so far up his ass he would sh*t blur for a week. Then I assassinated him.-Keefe
I was playing team slayer on Halo Reach and as usual I get one of those annoying kids with a squeaky voice. I ignored him at first, but he kept giggling every other second. I continued to ignore him until he starting moaning through his mic like two teens in the backseat of a car. After he stopped moaning he started laughing again and said "It's so funny when my parents snore." -Nick

While playing COD: BO online these two guys started going at each other about our match when the guy on my team says "I like how you fricking camp you fricking twat-waffle now don't speak until you're spoken to."-Mike
I was playing MW2 with my friends, doing the usual one plays while the other talks shit when LAG just starts destroying the match. At one point I kill this guy and he instantly starts bitching about how I only got him because of the slow connection, so my friend begins (Night at the Roxbury song) "What is lag, baby don't hurt me don't hurt me no more… no more… FUCKING PUSSY!" -Casey H
I was in a COD: Black ops lobby and all I heard was, "AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! My balls just dropped." Followed by, "About time."So my friend and I were playing Black Ops and the game was totally silent for almost 3 hours. Some guy then breaks the silence by saying "will anybody say something stupid so I can send it to overheard on X-box?"
I hope the guy who said it reads this on the next edition and comments, "Hey, that was me".-Carlos