Mortal Kombat Annihilation is the second film (god willing not the last) in the MK saga. The fight scenes are far superior to the original, blending nostalgia and hilarity into a cocktail fit for a King of the Outworld. Honestly? This battle could have been number one if Jax could have squeezed in just a couple more perfectly timed one-liners. Regardless, it does MK justice; especially when Sonya delivers her famous "Kiss of Death" fatality to a cyborg. The explosion at 4:34 is worth the price of admission alone.


The RE films are pretty similar to their source material: The action is beautiful while the plot is more confusing than Russell Brand's sex appeal. This scene showcases the lickers just as Capcom would have wanted: Ugly, fast, and creepy as all hell. And in staying true to the RE game series, Alice doesn't move while shooting. Also, Jill is wearing the EXACT outfit she wore in Resident Evil 3, making her the last person to tie a sweatshirt around her waist since 1996.


If there's one thing Guile hates, it's when you turn his best friend into a half-man-half-electric-Yeti. And when you get him that pissed off, there's not a block button in the world powerful enough to stop the most beautiful leaping roundhouse kick in videogame movie history. A word to the wise: If you're going to challenge Guile to a fight, don't do it around a wall of T.V.s.


Not surprisingly, Mortal Kombat makes its second appearance on the list. With a cast of characters this large, you are bound to have more than one memorable fight to the death. And with that said, SubZero and Scorpion may be the most popular rivalry in MK history. In true cheesy videogame movie form, actual special moves are showcased here; including SubZero's Ice Clone and Scorpion's uber famous "GET OVER HERE!" The ridiculously over the top exchange at 2:02 is worth your next quarter alone. Now, if we could only get SubZero to put the mask back on.


Heads explode and rain down with each rifle shot as our hero storms an underground industrial lab. This scene pays the ultimate respect to Doom by featuring a first person action sequence. And just when you think it can't get any better, everyone's favorite handicapped monster shows up. After seemingly making shit up for the first 98% of the movie, this scene manages to fit an entire movie's worth of Doom references into just a few minutes. And for that, it earns a 21 BFG salute.