1. Sophie

    Thanks for meeting me here for our first date. I've enjoyed chatting with you online, and I feel really excited for tonight. And Le Boutique! Such a fancy restaurant!

  2. Slippy

    Wow, look at that… it's beautiful!

  3. Sophie

    What? Who? Oh! Oh, me? Well thank you! It was quite a task finding a nice outfit that would match my shoes and my earrings and… oh, will you listen to me prattle on. How are you?

  4. Slippy

    I'm fine, I'm fine! How's the Landmaster, Fox?

  5. Sophie

    Oh. Um… well, my name's not Fox. That's just part of my username on the dating site; SophieFox11245. My real name's just Sophie. And I… I guess I wouldn't know how the Landmaster is.

  6. Slippy

    Doggone it!

  7. Sophie

    Sorry. I mean, I would tell you if I… yeah. I don't know. Sorry.

  8. Sophie sips on her water. Awkward silence. Empty stare from Slippy's bulbous eyes atop squashed green head.

  9. Slippy

    …You want a piece of me?

  10. Sophie

    What? No. I don't… what? No! I don't know what sort of girl you think I am, but no I most certainly do not!

  11. Slippy

    Things are starting to heat up!

  12. Slippy pops the collar of his flight jacket and points to his chest.

  13. Slippy

    This baby can take temperatures up to 9000 degrees. Don't worry, Slippy's here!

  14. Sophie

    Look, you seemed really charming online in our messages, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this anymore.

  15. Slippy

    Don't worry, Slippy's here!

  16. Sophie

    Yes. Yes I know that. I can see you actually, sitting two feet across from me. And besides, that's the problem.

  17. Sophie reaches for her purse.

  18. Slippy

    Hey! What's the big idea?

  19. Sophie

    Um… You. You just pissed off your date, and she is leaving. I am not here for… well, whatever you thought I was. That's the big idea, buddy.

  20. Slippy reaches out, grabbing Sophie's arm.

  21. Slippy

    You're not getting away that easy!

  22. Sophie

    Hey! Just what the hell do you think you're doing?

  23. Slippy

    Your carcass is mine!

  24. Sophie

    WAITER! These frog legs are EXTREMELY undercooked!

  25. Waiter apologizes and drags Slippy into the kitchen.

  26. Slippy

    Help! Get this guy off me!