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I'm playing COD: Black Ops with a full team of my friends during the map loading screen. In my best Justin Bieber Fan girl voice yell "Justin Bieber Powers Activate!" Everyone in the game is quiet for 10 Seconds and start laughing their asses off the match starts and I go 30-2. I still yell it every now and then-Anonymous
After several matches of a black guy and a redneck yelling at each other in Black Ops, the black guy called the redneck a racist, to which the redneck replied: "I'm not racist, I have colored television."-Michael
My friend and I were playing a game of Modern Warfare 2 and this little kid told my friend he was going to bang the crap out his mom. My friend responded with, "I have two dads."-Tyler

I entered a CoD:MW2 lobby and heard the following exchange:Guy 1: So how does your probation officer feel about you playing this game on Xbox live?Guy 2: Psh, she doesn't like it, but it's technically not a violation of my parole.Guy 1: Does she have a problem with it because of all the little kids or something?Guy 2: Ya, but it doesn't count as an online chat room according to the courts.Guy 1: So what actually happened in court? Did they drop the child pornography charges or what?
It was at that moment, the match started and I was on the other team. I would have given anything to hear the rest of that conversation. The hilarity of the conversation only could have gotten better. -The Kolby
Overheard on Halo: Reach "…I mean, she's a cool girl but she would suck Lady Gaga's clit AND dick."-ShootEmPolitely
Once I was playing head to head in Madden '09 on PSN when I get matched upwith this guy with the gamertag HIGHSCHOOLCOUNSELOR. I then walked in ona conversation of what I can only assume was him making wedding plans withhis fiancee. He then proceeded to give me life advice throughout thewhole game like "Find a good woman" and "You gotta get the G.E.D.!", whilecalling me junior.  At the conclusion of the game I thanked him for hisguidance to which he replied "You know why I guide? 'CAUSE I'M AHIGHSCHOOL COUNSELOR!"-Will
I was playing Halo reach with a stoner who was quite clearly stoned.Stoner: Man, I'm going bomb your house.Me: I work for the department of homeland security, you're under arrest for terrorist threats.Stoner: Good luck finding me my IP is routed through Kazakhstan.Me: check his profile Really? Because our tracking program shows that you live in Flint Michigan, please don't move the SWAT team will be at your house soon.Stoner: Ohh shit signs off-Ben
Me and a couple of friends had a full party going on Gears of War 2 which consisted of 4 guys and a girl. While in the middle of a match we overhear  the girl talking to her boyfriend. Then 10 seconds later she screams, "Don't stick it in!" Laughter ensues and she realizes she didn't turn her mic off, she then logs off and reappears an hour later.-Anonymous