1. Trainer

    Finally, I've reached the Elite 4!

  2. Shauntal

    Wow, you really plowed through the game fast.

  3. Trainer

    Yep. Pulled an all-nighter.

  4. Shauntal

    OK, cool. You sure you don't want to go back and make sure you didn't miss anything?

  5. Trainer

    Nah, not really.

  6. Shauntal

    Great. Excellent. I am totally prepared for this.

  7. Trainer

    Enough talk. GO! EMBOAR!

  8. Trainer sends out Emboar.

  9. Shauntal

    Wow, your guy looks cool. What level is he, like 10?

  10. Trainer


  11. Shauntal

    Huh. OK, I can handle this.

  12. Shauntal throws a pokeball. A pathetic Lillipup emerges.

  13. Trainer


  14. Shauntal

    Your hubris will be your downfall! LILLIPUP! USE SCRATCH!

  15. Lillipup attempts to scratch Emboar, but disintegrates on contact.

  16. Trainer

    …You didn't level any of your Pokemon, did you?

  17. Shauntal

    I only had one night! This is the only guy I caught.

  18. Trainer

    You're supposed to be one of the Elite Four!

  19. Shauntal


  20. Shauntal hangs her head.

  21. Shauntal

    They're going to fire me.