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One day I was hella bored and watching cartoons when I stumbled upon an old DBZ episode. It awakened all my childhood memories. I became obsessed with it again. Any free time I had I would watch DBZ episodes online. I'm 24 and my wife is 22. She doesn't understand. She's caught me jacking off plenty of times, but I was more embarrassed when she caught me in our living room trying to go super saiyan.-maT

I bred (for natures and IVs), EV trained and raised 3 poketeams to lvl 100 while delivering pizzas. And no, I don't mean at red lights.-Anonymous

Since the beta of Starcraft 2, I've been watching matches from different people on youtube. First was Husky, HD, Day9, TotalBiscuit, then Psy and some others. I discuss the games in the comments below, everything from strategy debates to build orders. What's sad is that I don't even own Starcraft.-Anonymous

I've always loved the Metal Gear Solid series. I didn't have a PS3 when MGS4 came out. My friend had one, but he loves the series nearly as much as I do. I had to wait for him to beat the game before he'd let me play it. When he was finally done, my family was getting ready to move away. I begged him to let me borrow his PS3 and MGS4. I knew I'd have to play it a lot to finish it before we left. I finally convinced him, but I had a time limit: 24 hours. I sat down and booted up the game midday. The next time I left my seat the sun was coming up. I stood on my balcony with my arms in the air as "Here's to you" blasted over the end credits. Best sunrise ever.-Tenebrion

I spent 10 minutes examining a purse before buying it at the mall the other day. I told the sales lady helping me that I was getting a birthday present for my girlfriend. I don't have a girlfriend. I knew that with a few alterations it would make the perfect belt pouch for my cosplay/LARP outfit.-Ulrich

Back in middle school I got my own Gameboy and Pokemon Red. After playing for several days, I beat the elite four and thought I'd beaten the game. Amazed at the speed of my achievement, I called the Nintendo help line to see if I would be awarded for my accomplishment. There was no prize.-Anon

I played WoW in college. The first expansion came out during a horrendous ice storm in Austin, TX. No one here knows how to drive in wintry conditions. Despite my better judgment, I ignored my nagging father and drove out to get my copy on release day. On the way to the store I lost control of the car. I spun out on a very, very tall elevated on-ramp, nearly died and did a couple thousand dollars of damage to my car. My dad tore me a new asshole, the car was in the shop for weeks, and I still have a severe phobia of driving in icy weather some six years later. I did get my expansion pack, and I never for one second regretted it.-Anon

My roommate and I have been in four fist fights. Each one was over a video game. The most recent incident happened when I traded every pokemon in his platinum version with magikarps and held them ransom for beer.-Anonymous