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Last week I passed my Nutrition exam without studying for it, solely based on "Sensei Facts" from Fruit Ninja.-A_Q

I went to stop at a craft store for felt so I could create and sew a felt spoink onto my backpack on my way home from college one day. On the way, I walked past a Best Buy and noticed through the window that they had a large Pokemon display near the entrance. I'd forgotten Pokemon Black and White came out that day. I turned to walk into the store, but the automatic doors wouldn't open. I tried twice. Nothing. I stopped and waved my hands in front of the door to try and engage the sensor, but it wouldn't budge. Then a lady walked in the door next to me. It was then that I realized I had been so fixated on the Pokemon display that I was trying to walk in the exit door.-Nick

I never realized how nerdy I was until I was getting my EB Games membership and the manager asked for my email, which is a character from Diablo II.-Eddie

I have over 80 hours of game time on Pokemon White already.-Min

I was so excited about the new Pokemon games that I had a nightmare that the guys I've been dating in my dating sims accused me of neglecting them. They were mad that I was spending all my time playing Pokemon and no time with them. I was so stressed out by it that I woke up an hour before my alarm and couldn't fall back to sleep.-Jessica

I've come close to tears on multiple occasions while reading breaking news on Skyrim. I sincerely wish that was an exaggeration.-Jack

A Pwn My Life Happy Ending updateHi, it's the gay kid from Pwn My Life #64 who got beat up by the other gay kid. Not sure if you would care but we ended up getting together. We both play LBP2 online. My best friend and him were playing online at my best friend's house with me at my house. We kept flirting over LBP with him not realizing I was the kid who he knocked out. Then he found out it was me, I really am gay, and that I'm totally into him. We've been kind've dating and every time we play LBP I knock him into death traps for that first time he punched me.-Anonymous

And the "Uhhh… OK" Award goes toI once jerked it to a dictionary.-Anonymous