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I was playing team deathmatch on Call of Duty: Black Ops yesterday when I heard someone open a door very loudly and yell "Whats up?! Are you winning?" followed by the guy saying "Dude! Knock before you just barge in here! What if I was masturbating!?"-Cody
While playing Halo 2 a few years ago some kid who couldn't have been older than 11 was talking sh*t. After a few games of this my friend asks "Are you even allowed in your mom's room?" The kid says yes, quite proudly, so my friend replies with "wake me up in the morning".-BigDog
My gamertag on Xbox live is Kira, now for any of you who've seen Death Note you get it. But a lot of people think I'm a girl because of it. Well one day I was in the lobby of a Halo 3 game, and as soon as I entered some 12 year old kid is like "Ooh, Kira, it's a girl." and rambling on about that, then I go "Hey, sup?" in a pretty deep voice. His response "Oh sh*t!" and left the game.-Josh

Was playing TDU2 and heard the following:6 yr old kid: "Mom, get out, you fucking whore."Resulting slap and headset hitting the ground6 yr old kid: "Oh God, that's fucking scary, why are you pointing the bb gun at me?"-Casey
The other day my friend and I were playing Black Ops Team Death Match. Some guy was singing "Your Love" by the Outfield, and then about halfway through the game he said: "No dude, I only suck dick on Tuesdays!" About 3 seconds later we all hear: "Shit, it's Tuesday isn't it?" Thankfully he stopped singing and talking after that.-Anonymous
This one time I was Playing MW2 and me and my friend just connected. We connected and of course there was an argument going on in the lobby between a bunch of 10-12 year olds and some 17 somethings. One of the 17 year olds says to one of the kids, why don't you look up what the meaning of buttfuck is since you keep accusing us of doing it. There was silence for a few seconds then some of the kids were muttering something which we couldn't hear. A few seconds later we just hear screaming from the kids and then the 17 year olds just erupt into laughter. Me and my friend didn't know whether to laugh or be intensely disturbed by what had just happened.-Chris