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Every first Sunday of March I celebrate "Schnitzel and Nintendo Day." It's the day I set up my SNES, make delicious schnitzel, then play classic videogames and eat. I'm also working on a spin-off called "N64 and Hotdog Day" that takes place every first Sunday in September.-Karl

For Valentine's Day this year, I left a copy of Pokemon Ruby on my girlfriend's door with a note telling her to check the Pokemon roster. The roster was six Luvdiscs whose names spelled out "Happy Valentine's Day [her name]! Love, [my name]."-C

I'm trying to lose weight now so I can cosplay as Vamp from Metal Gear Solid on Halloween.-Michael

I recently became obsessed with Fallout 3. When I reached Level 7, I discovered Dogmeat, one of the companions you can have in the game. I took care of him. Every time he died I would reload my last save, no matter how hard or how far I had progressed. Finally, in the epic last battle with the Enclave near the end of the game, things were too dangerous and I knew Dogmeat would die. I dismissed him and told him to meet me at Vault 101. I played through the rest of the game without Dogmeat. Luckily, I had the add-on that extended the end of the game. My thinking was that I would just go back to 101 and find him waiting for me. When he wasn't there, my first thought was that he had died. I waited for days in-game at that spot. Finally, when Dogmeat appeared, alive and well, I burst into tears of happiness. I loved that dog. I stopped playing after that.-Keegan

I met my husband on Xbox Live.-Anonymous

My girlfriend and I just broke up. She told me it was her or video games.-Anonymous

And this week's "Cool Story, Bro" Award Goes to:In your article, 6 Services that Should Exist in the Pokemon World, you said that in the first town you can only buy Pokeballs. Not true. There is no store in the first town. You even make mention that there is no school, hospital, or store to buy food in this town. The first town after your home town, you can buy Pokeballs. Also, there is no such thing as a "Superball" at a Pokemart. I don't see any of those coin operated machines containing rubber bouncy balls, and a Superball is certainly not something you catch a Pokemon in. You claim they exist, and I want to set that record straight. Superballs don't exist in the Pokemon World. Unless it's the custom Pokeball that Professor Oak ordered, you won't find a Superball anywhere in the Pokemon world. You'll find Pokeballs, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Quick Balls, Fast Balls, Dusk Balls, Masterballs (yes, you can get more than one as prizes from various in game events, but not at a store), Timer Balls, Level Balls, Premiere Balls, Luxury Balls, Safari Balls, Park Balls, Sport Balls, Moon Balls, Net Balls, Nest Balls, Dive Balls, Friend Balls, Heavy Balls, and Love Balls, among others, in the Pokemon World across all five Continents. But you won't find a Superball.-Patrick

A Pwn My Life Public ApologyA small number of you do not have the Zelda ringtones mentioned last week. The rest of you have Navi yelling "Listen!" or the Metal Gear Solid alert. That should cover just about everyone. We apologize for any inconvenience.