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Mario On Oud

video Mario On Oud

May 07, 2010

"For the last time, Samir: Yes, it's a great American ballad you're playing. Now let's take it from the top…"

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Guy Loves Dedicated Servers

video Guy Loves Dedicated Servers

July 07, 2010

This is the happiest moment of his life.

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Gorilla Plays DS All Wrong

video Gorilla Plays DS All Wrong

August 10, 2010

There's no way we evolved from these n00bz.

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8-Bit YouTube

video 8-Bit YouTube

August 18, 2010

It looks even better in 720p. By: //

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Wii Snowboarding Playboy Model

video Wii Snowboarding Playboy Model

May 04, 2010

The hard part was convincing her snowboarders don't wear clothes.

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The Passion of the Wii

video The Passion of the Wii

May 15, 2010

Don't worry, Jesus has an extra life.

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Violin Hero

video Violin Hero

May 11, 2010

If Beethoven weren't already deaf, he would be after this. Also, if he weren't dead.

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Amazing Grenade Multi-Kill

video Amazing Grenade Multi-Kill

November 17, 2010

Timing is everything. Also, grenades are everything. Player: //

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Super Mario on Ocarina

video Super Mario on Ocarina

May 11, 2010

After the song was over, a tornado took him to the warp zone.

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Starcraft II Diablo Easter Egg

video Starcraft II Diablo Easter Egg

July 30, 2010

Next time you're on Starcraft, be on the lookout for Diablo! Also, construct additional pylons.

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