Originals / Why a Smash Bros. / Street Fighter Crossover Would Never Work


There was some mild (read: extremely mild) controversy when Street Fighter's Ryu was added to the latest incarnation of Super Smash Bros. - because he's from an actual fighting game. Up until that point, the main hook of the series was that pretty much every Smash Bros. character ever were in a fighting game despite that not being any character's main skill in any other game. Dr. Mario in a knock-down, drag-out fistfight with Pac-Man? Sure! Hell, even Li'l Mac was from the world of boxing, which is pretty different from the sideview fighting game world.

But maybe that's the fun part - have an actual fighter enter the world of Smash Bros. just to try out some new ideas. But it brings up the question - could it ever work the other way? Could the Smash Bros. crew integrate nicely into the world of Street Fighter?

Probably not.



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