The Greatest Videogame Sequel of All-Time (VOTE NOW!)

Videogame sequels - they're like squeakquels but without adorable auto-tuned chipmunks. But which one is the best? Keep in mind we're only talking direct sequels here - that means the first follow-ups and/or games with the number 2 in the title, so no bringing up Bubsy 3D, all you Bubsy 3Disciples (official name for Bubsy 3D fanatics).

It's judgment day. It's time to pick the best videogame sequel ever - so vote now.


(Note: We're including Super Mario Bros. 2 as the sequel to Super Mario Bros. - even though it is technically a re-skin of Doki Doki Panic, and the actual Super Mario Bros. 2 was released only in Japan and then later in North America as 'The Lost Levels' and the first true sequel to Super Mario Bros. was kinda Super Mario Bros. 3. But that's all super confusing so we're keeping it simple by just going with the game that most people are familiar with as the direct sequel. SO YES, COMMENTERS, WE KNOW)

The official voting period has ended. See the results below.

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