The Greatest Mortal Kombat Character of All-Time (Vote Now!)

Mortal Kombat defined an entire generation of kids and adults alike - it taught kids the value of button-mashing and what it looked like to tear the spine out of another human being, and it taught adults to freak the hell out about videogame violence. But the thing that made Mortal Kombat special were its array of weird and wonderful characters - four-armed giants, a bunch of ninjas that dress almost identically (except for some coloring), movie stars who refuse to wear shirts, out of shape cops, and more.

And now it's time to decide the greatest Mortal Kombat character of all-time. Test your strength and vote in the ultimate (online videogame toplist) tournament that will decide the fate of this world (disclaimer: it will not decide the fate of this world). And when it gets down to the final two, you know what you'll have to do to the loser...


The official voting period has ended. See the results below.

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