The Greatest Generation IV Pokemon of All-Time (Vote Now!)

Not long ago, you voted to decide the greatest Pokemon of Generation 1, Generation 2, and Generation 3. Now we're going to decide the greatest Generation 4 Pokemon of all-time.

Generation IV brought us to Sinnoh with Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum (and back to Johto with HeartGold and SoulSilver). And with that came improved graphics, battling and trading by wi-fi connection, new Eeveelutions, and - most importantly - 107 new Pokemon to argue about.

We're going to go through every generation of Pokemon, whittle it down to the very best (like no one ever was), and then - eventually - we'll vote on the greatest Pokemon ever. So let your voice be heard. It's up to you. You decide who are the greatest Pokemon of all-time.

Gotta vote 'em all!

The official voting period has ended. See the results below.

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