The Greatest Generation II Pokemon of All-Time (Vote Now!)

Not long ago, you voted to decide the greatest generation 1 Pokemon of all-time. Now we're going to decide the greatest generation II Pokemon of all-time.

When Gold & Silver came out, Nintendo was trying to prove that lightning could strike twice - and it did (guess they weren't battling a ground-type Pokemon! Wakka wakka!). As the first major expansion on the world of Pokemon, Nintendo largely stuck to what worked before, with the biggest change being an additional hundred Pokemon. And now you can cast your votes and help us decide which Pokemon from Gold & Silver were the greatest.

We're going to go through every generation of Pokemon, whittle it down to the very best (like no one ever was), and then - eventually - we'll vote on the greatest Pokemon ever. So let your voice be heard. It's up to you. You decide who are the greatest Pokemon of all-time.

Gotta vote 'em all!


The official voting period has ended. See the results below.

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