X-Men / Star Wars Mashup

Picture X-Men / Star Wars Mashup

September 12, 2012

At least we can probably call the X-Wing the same thing.

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X-Men Marriage / Cosplay

Picture X-Men Marriage / Cosplay

September 07, 2012

Hey X-23 – NOT an appropriate outfit for a wedding.

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Sexy Dark Phoenix Cosplay

Picture Sexy Dark Phoenix Cosplay

September 07, 2012

If you thought the Dark Phoenix was too intent on the destruction of the universe to hang out in a hotel lobby, well, think again.

Article San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Cosplay Wrap-Up

By Andrew Bridgman / July 20, 2012

Lady Cyclops

San Diego ComicCon 2012 Cosplay WrapUp - Image 1

She's got all the optic blast powers of regular Cyclops, but without his insistence on covering up his midriff all the time.(via MTV)

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Logan Fett

Picture Logan Fett

July 10, 2012

"I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice. It's bounty hunting."

X-Men Muppets

Picture X-Men Muppets

June 11, 2012

It's not easy having mutated genes.

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Terrible X-Men Tattoo

Picture Terrible X-Men Tattoo

May 03, 2012

"So…that 6 year old who said his mutant power was drawing amazing tattoos was a liar after all."

Amazing Mystique Cosplay

Picture Amazing Mystique Cosplay

May 02, 2012

Rebecca Romijn's Halloween costume is…disappointing.

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Awesome Colossus Cosplay

Picture Awesome Colossus Cosplay

May 01, 2012

Who knew having a skin condition could look so cool?

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Gabe Newell as The Blob

Picture Gabe Newell as The Blob

April 12, 2012

Nothing can move him to announce Half-Life 3!

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