Professor X Fires Nightcrawler

Video Professor X Fires Nightcrawler

December 04, 2013

Get "BAMF" to where you once belonged.

Moment of X-Men: 90's Rogue

Picture Moment of X-Men: 90's Rogue

November 25, 2013

Because in 1996 there was nothing sexier than super strength, southern accents, and an oddly tragic back story, sugar.

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Ex-Men: Jubilee

Video Ex-Men: Jubilee

November 20, 2013

Pete Holmes continues his downsizing of the Uncanny mutant team. Who's next, Sunfire? Marrow? Havoc? Nobody's safe.

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Ex-Men: Angel

Video Ex-Men: Angel

November 14, 2013

More like Warren Worthless the 3rd.

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X-Men Membership Infographic

Picture X-Men Membership Infographic

November 04, 2013

Unfortunately, none of these Xavier School graduates made it to college.

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Hugh Jackman's Favorite Coffee

Picture Hugh Jackman's Favorite Coffee

October 31, 2013

It's the only way to reboot your mornings, especially after the one morning that everyone hated and almost ruined your franchise.

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Professor Xavier Fires Gambit

Video Professor Xavier Fires Gambit

October 25, 2013

Ragin' Against The Cajun.

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The Uncanny X-Manatees

Picture The Uncanny X-Manatees

October 24, 2013

To me, my Sea Cows!

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Wolverine is the Worst X-Men

Video Wolverine is the Worst X-Men

October 16, 2013

Get outta here, Bub.

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Medieval X-Men

Picture Medieval X-Men

October 11, 2013

Back before they met their greatest nemesis, Baron von Ratner.

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