Halo 4 Poll's Shocking Results

Picture Halo 4 Poll's Shocking Results

July 22, 2013

And in a distant 2nd, "Is this a joke or something?"

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Xbox 360 Winner

Picture Xbox 360 Winner

April 09, 2013

The Xbox 360 winner gets a PS3, the loser gets stuck with an Xbox 360.

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Beemo-Box 360

Picture Beemo-Box 360

January 11, 2013

Who wants to play SOME HARDCORE SHOOTIN' videogames?

Comic VG Cats: Conglaturation!

By VG Cats / January 3, 2013

VG Cats: Conglaturation - Image 1

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A Very Xbox Prom

Picture A Very Xbox Prom

December 05, 2012

Something tells me this one goes all night long.

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Wedding XBOX Achievement

Picture Wedding XBOX Achievement

October 16, 2012

Once he gets the Divorce and Move Back In With His Parents achievements, he can finally die a happy man.

Totally Legit XBOX 364

Picture Totally Legit XBOX 364

October 15, 2012

I can't wait to play God of Halo: Ocarina of Crash Bandicoot 64.

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Comic Videogame Consoles Are Your Teachers

By Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman / October 15, 2012

Videogame Consoles Are Your Teachers - Image 1
Something Is Horribly Wrong With XBOX 360...

Picture Something Is Horribly Wrong With XBOX 360...

August 24, 2012

I thought they were only supposed to grow to three feet high.

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Stark Industries XBOX 360

Picture Stark Industries XBOX 360

May 10, 2012

Let's hope the arc reactor doesn't red ring.

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