Wii Fit Trainer Enters the Fray!

Picture Wii Fit Trainer Enters the Fray!

August 19, 2013

They didn't even use items. (slow clap)

Wii Fit Trainer Cosplay

Picture Wii Fit Trainer Cosplay

July 02, 2013

This is one strong cosplay.

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Wii Fit Ski Jump Fail

Video Wii Fit Ski Jump Fail

February 16, 2011

Wii Fit: Enemy of small dogs and expensive TVs everywhere.

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Fitness First

Picture Fitness First

September 03, 2010

If only it was a Shake Weight with a busty animated character on screen. If only.

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Most Useless Book Ever

Picture Most Useless Book Ever

July 26, 2010

The first page says, "Put in game. Follow instructions." The rest of the pages are blank.

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Wii Fit Boyfriend

video Wii Fit Boyfriend

May 11, 2010

She uses the term "boyfriend" VERY loosely.

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Wii Fit Girlfriend

video Wii Fit Girlfriend

May 09, 2010

Down in front! I'm trying to see the game!

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