World War Smash Brothers

Picture World War Smash Brothers

November 05, 2013

Some called it "The Final Smash to end all Smashes".

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Article Diary Entry From a Comic-Con Survivor

By Julia Lepetit / October 11, 2013
Diary Entry From a ComicCon Survivor

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Resistance and Liberation: The Realistic War Simulator

Video Resistance and Liberation: The Realistic War Simulator

June 08, 2012

I think grandpa was lying about World War II.

Stormtrooper Basic Training

Picture Stormtrooper Basic Training

June 10, 2011

Whine all you want, cadet, this mud-training is going to come in handy once we invade Dagobah.

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Mario Mushroom Cloud

Picture Mario Mushroom Cloud

June 06, 2011

Good thing all those people had extra lives.

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Team Fortress 2 Cosplay Battle

Picture Team Fortress 2 Cosplay Battle

June 03, 2011

My money's on red.

Console War Medals

Picture Console War Medals

April 13, 2011

I lost a lot of friends when the Dreamcast went down.

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Cold War Bob-ombs

Picture Cold War Bob-ombs

April 05, 2011

Mr. Koopachev, tear down this wall!

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Epic Toy Halo Battle

Video Epic Toy Halo Battle

September 07, 2010

I used to do this as a kid, except I didn't have special effects and I made all the sounds with my mouth.

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Real-Life Rocket Jump

Video Real-Life Rocket Jump

September 03, 2010

I tried to learn this, but I kept blowing my legs up.

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