Navi, Go Away

Picture Navi, Go Away

March 14, 2013

…fine, I'll listen.

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Bacon Triforce

Picture Bacon Triforce

October 22, 2012

Do you have the Courage to eat it all? Are you prepared for the Power you'll receive? Do you have the Wisdom to get your stomach pumped?

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Gamer Arm Tattoos

Picture Gamer Arm Tattoos

August 29, 2012


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Incredible Zelda Back Tattoo

Picture Incredible Zelda Back Tattoo

August 08, 2012

Where does this guy fit in the timeline?

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Tri-Force Latte

Picture Tri-Force Latte

August 18, 2011

Hyrule's most precious source of caffeine.

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Triforce Patio

Picture Triforce Patio

July 01, 2011

"And now we set forth, on an epic journey to locate the fabled Trifor- oh, there it is."

Toblerone Triforce

Picture Toblerone Triforce

May 09, 2011

The wise, courageous, powerful, high-calorie treat.

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Star Trek Triforce

Picture Star Trek Triforce

October 15, 2010

The triforce of life, longevity, and prosperousness.

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