Runaway Tetris Block

Picture Runaway Tetris Block

May 10, 2013

"Hey, you! You seen a line piece around here?"

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Sex in Videogames

Video Sex in Videogames

March 06, 2013

It's a France France Revolution.

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'Tetris' Music, Ragtime Style

Video 'Tetris' Music, Ragtime Style

February 25, 2013

Desperately waiting for a line-piece has never been so upbeat.

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Picture Minecrap

February 08, 2013

Creepers are getting old school.

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Tetris: The Anime

Picture Tetris: The Anime

January 28, 2013

Or, as it's known in Japan, "Science Ninja Block Fall."

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IRL Tetris

Picture IRL Tetris

January 04, 2013

Well, at least it requires less smallpox than IRL Dr. Mario.

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Dumb Ways To Die (In Videogames)

Video Dumb Ways To Die (In Videogames)

December 10, 2012

Buckle up or it's Game Over.

Tetris Condom

Picture Tetris Condom

October 31, 2012

For those times when you want to have sex, but you also want to make your genitals disappear.

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The Missing Piece

Picture The Missing Piece

October 12, 2012

He's crossed the line.

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Tetris Pizza

Picture Tetris Pizza

October 01, 2012

Put a row into your mouth and watch it disappear.

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