Nerd Life Tattoo

Picture Nerd Life Tattoo

December 20, 2011

That missing half-heart? He stubbed his toe.

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Majora's Mask Tattoo

Picture Majora's Mask Tattoo

December 19, 2011

You get this for playing "The Elegy of Sick Ink" on your ocarina.

Article The Weekly IRL: Nerd Ink

By Staff / December 15, 2011

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Taking a Skyrim Joke Way Too Far

Picture Taking a Skyrim Joke Way Too Far

December 14, 2011

"I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I dedicated my life to memorializing terrible jokes."

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Hello Kitty R2-D2 Tattoo

Picture Hello Kitty R2-D2 Tattoo

December 14, 2011

Someone has been reading my "Hello Droidy" fan fiction.

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Sega Knuckle Tattoo

Picture Sega Knuckle Tattoo

December 13, 2011

It melts off if he plays Super Nintendo.

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Death Star Tattoo

Picture Death Star Tattoo

December 12, 2011

This tattoo is fully operational.

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Nerd Girl's Star Wars Tattoo

Picture Nerd Girl's Star Wars Tattoo

December 07, 2011

These are the droids you're inking for.

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R2-Dichu Tattoo

Picture R2-Dichu Tattoo

December 06, 2011

All droids are electric-type.

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Duck Hunt Tattoo

Picture Duck Hunt Tattoo

December 05, 2011

He's doomed himself to a lifetime of zapper jokes.

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