The Ultimate Hadouken

Picture The Ultimate Hadouken

October 08, 2012

It sucks having to buy a new TV every time you do a combo.

Comic Street Defender

By Andrew Bridgman and Andy Kluthe / October 1, 2012

Street Defender - Image 1

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Realistic Fighting Game

Video Realistic Fighting Game

September 27, 2012


Mortal Kombat's Scorpion vs. Street Fighter's Ryu

Video Mortal Kombat's Scorpion vs. Street Fighter's Ryu

August 30, 2012

That hadouken's pretty toasty.

Cammy Cosplay

Picture Cammy Cosplay

August 29, 2012

Behold, the only known survivor of the "super atomic wedgie."

Chun-Li the Riveter

Picture Chun-Li the Riveter

August 03, 2012

Roll up your sleeves and kick that sumo wrestler to death.

Ryu-Ken Cosplay

Picture Ryu-Ken Cosplay

August 02, 2012

They just wrecked the hell out of some dude's car.

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Geekapella: The Guile Theme

Video Geekapella: The Guile Theme

June 11, 2012

Jean-Claude Van Damme would be proud.

Dhalsim's Losing His Touch

original Dhalsim's Losing His Touch

June 04, 2012

He's stretching the truth.

Muhammad Ali vs. Ryu Graffiti

Picture Muhammad Ali vs. Ryu Graffiti

June 04, 2012

Float like a butterfly, block Hadoukens like a bee.