Starcraft Stalemates Are Unacceptable

Picture Starcraft Stalemates Are Unacceptable

August 10, 2010

"Lift your command center, lose your dog. That's Internet law, son."

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Awesome Korean Starcraft Commercial

video Awesome Korean Starcraft Commercial

August 09, 2010

Don't be ridiculous, there's no Starcraft testing in Korea. …Only professional Starcraft leagues.

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Starcraft II Final Fantasy Mod

video Starcraft II Final Fantasy Mod

August 03, 2010

Spoiler alert: Sephiroth kills Kerrigan. See more: //

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Article What a Zerg Rush Really Sounds Like

August 2, 2010
  1. The egg bursts open- the larvae is now a terrifying zergling, ready to do the bidding of the Hivemind.

  2. Zergling 1

    Oh God that was gross.

  3. Zergling 2

    Yea… By the way, some things happened back in the egg-

  4. Zergling 1

    Lets just forget about it, k?

  5. Zergling 2

    Yea… but it was good for you right?

  6. Zergling 1

    Gary, I thought we said-

  7. An ancient voice from an unseen presence reaches the 6 zerglings.

  8. Hivemind

    Ok, that's enough. Too long have we waited in the shadows- plotting our return has taken millennia and now we are ready. Now we will sweep over this planet in an awesome pestilence. The evolution is complete and now we can- where's the sixth of you?

  9. Zergling 3

    He said he "required more vespene gas" and then he just kind of ran off.

  10. Zergling 6 stumbles in and collapses on the creep- muttering about Robot-Chicken, peanut butter and Pringles.

  11. Hivemind

    Christ… Ok just attack.

  12. Zergling 2

    Ok, I can get behind that-

  13. Hivemind


  14. Zergling 1

    Right, now?

  15. Hivemind

    Are you questioning the Hivemind?

  16. Zergling 6

    Don't you question that Hivemind!

  17. Zergling 1

    Why do you always pretend to be Tyler Perry's Madea when you get high?

  18. Hivemind

    I don't see any rushing… this is a 'zerg-rush' you know.

  19. Zergling 2

    No, we just thought… well sir-

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Starcraft vs. Starcraft II

Picture Starcraft vs. Starcraft II

August 02, 2010

I think Kerrigan would agree that the original is superior.

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Tears of Joy For Starcraft II

Picture Tears of Joy For Starcraft II

August 02, 2010

This is the happiest anyone will ever be.

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Starcraft Medic Has a Great Attitude

video Starcraft Medic Has a Great Attitude

August 02, 2010

What she lacks in experience she makes up for in being chipper.

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WWJD During Starcraft

Picture WWJD During Starcraft

July 30, 2010

He's right, Jesus loves a good Wifi connection.

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Lego Starcraft

Video Lego Starcraft

July 29, 2010

You must construct additional pylons. Out of legos.

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