Spyro Costume is Pure Colombian Nightmare Fuel

Picture Spyro Costume is Pure Colombian Nightmare Fuel

February 27, 2014

How to Traumatize Your Dragon

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Did You Know Gaming?: Spyro

Video Did You Know Gaming?: Spyro

August 19, 2013

Everything was going great for Spyro the Dragon, until some Dovahkiin ate his soul.

Spyro Does a Thing

Video Spyro Does a Thing

March 07, 2013

When God closes a door, he opens a window…for a small fee.

Nerd Girl's Playstation Tattoos

Picture Nerd Girl's Playstation Tattoos

January 31, 2012

Your move, N64 fangirls.

Article Spyro is Pissed

December 20, 2010
  1. Spyro

    Alright, what's on our schedule today? Lots to do. I'm thinking crossover. Maybe a comic…

  2. Exec

    Spyro, I…I don't know how to keep telling you. It's over. No one likes you.

  3. Spyro

    What? I'm freaking Spyro. The Playstation mascot. Who is bigger than me?

  4. Exec

    Well, uh, Mario, for starters.

  5. Spyro

    Mario? The Plumber? Get out of here.

  6. Exec

    He's really popular. Everyone loves plumbers.

  7. Spyro

    You know what else is popular? Dragons. Dragons are popular.

  8. Exec

    He has a giant lizard too. So cool…

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