Article The 9 Best Snowmen of Videogame History

By Bob Mackey / January 31, 2014

The 9 Best Snowmen of Videogame History

Throughout history, children have built spherical snow totems in an attempt to appeal to Höðr, the god of winter, because school-destroying, softball-sized hail rarely falls from the sky without the help of dark rituals. Over time, though, the original intent of this practice faded with the introduction of Frosty, a magical, mirthful snowman who came to life just to teach children harsh lessons about mortality and the dangers of sun exposure. So, with the continued popularity of these lumpy elementals, it isn't surprising to see videogames borrow liberally from the time-honored tradition of personifying mounds of precipitation using pieces of apparel unfit for the Goodwill dumpster. Odds are, if you find yourself in an ice level, you'll likely see one of these guys hanging around, being all whimsical and stuff.


9. Bad Mr. Frosty (ClayFighter)

  The 9 Best Snowmen of Videogame History

The meteoric rise of Street Fighter II caused a lot of resulting weirdness, as kids of the era couldn't get enough of whaling on each other with all manner of colorful characters. 1993's ClayFighter decided to parody the one-on-one fighting genre with a cast soaked in irreverent '90s 'tude, and included characters like a doughy Elvis impersonator and an oversized opera lady. Bad Mr. Frosty stood as the series' official mascot, appearing prominently on the box art for each game, and even traded in the traditional top hat for a backwards baseball cap for ClayFighter 2: Judgment Clay--a sequel that proved it's never too late to make that Terminator reference you've been holding onto for years.

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Zombie Snowmen, Attack!

Picture Zombie Snowmen, Attack!

December 09, 2013

This is far scarier than those Zombie Puddles we saw in June.

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Yoda Snowman

Picture Yoda Snowman

March 01, 2013

When he melts, he will return as a Force Puddle.

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Adventure Time's Ice King Snowman

Picture Adventure Time's Ice King Snowman

February 27, 2013

Forgive him for whatever he does, when he doesn't remember you.

Journey Snowman

Picture Journey Snowman

February 12, 2013

The best indie snowman of the year.

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Legend of Zelda Dead Hand Snowman

Picture Legend of Zelda Dead Hand Snowman

January 01, 2013

Welcome to the nightmare version of Frosty the Snowman.

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