Gotham Caution Sign

Picture Gotham Caution Sign

December 07, 2012

Be careful: Mr. West is extremely slippery.

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Fallout Coffee Sign

Picture Fallout Coffee Sign

July 26, 2012

Java. Java never changes.

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Road Sign Makes For The Perfect Tetris Piece

Picture Road Sign Makes For The Perfect Tetris Piece

May 03, 2012

Too bad there aren't many "Perfectly Straight Narrow Road Ahead" signs.

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X-Men Bathroom Sign

Picture X-Men Bathroom Sign

July 25, 2011

Trust me, you don't want to see what some of these mutant kids do in there. This one guy? Pees lasers.

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Black Mesa Road Sign

Picture Black Mesa Road Sign

June 02, 2011

So that explains that weird hitchhiker in a suit.

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Lord of the Rings Intersection

Picture Lord of the Rings Intersection

April 12, 2011

Some city planners are just nerdier than others.

Space Invader Parking Sign

Picture Space Invader Parking Sign

September 20, 2010

I assume this only applies to spaceships, which is why I've had my car parked there all day.

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Silent Hill Sign

Picture Silent Hill Sign

July 09, 2010

You should probably just turn around.

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Street Fighter Highway

Picture Street Fighter Highway

May 10, 2010

Brought to you by Highway Fighter II.

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