Article The 25 Greatest Videogame Sidekicks of All-Time

By Staff / January 25, 2013
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Dorkly readers / people who hate reading but come here anyway / people who aren't that into videogames but just like to engage in any kind of internet democratic process, your voices have been heard. Almost 1.5 million votes were tallied (you can check out the results here), and we have below the best sidekicks videogames have to offer. So sit back, relax, and prepare to get angry as hell when you realize your favorite Mass Effect squad mate was left off the list. These are the 25 greatest videogame sidekicks of all-time (according to you).

25. Rush (Mega Man series)

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Dog has always been man's best friend – but Rush is so much more than that (also, in his case it's "Robot Boy's Best Friend"). Not only is Rush a lovable, loyal canine, he's also an everchanging array of transportation tools for Mega Man to get over wide canyons, atop high ledges, and across seas of metal spikes – without any promise of Beggin Strips (or whatever fake bacon treat dogs like to chew on these days). Sure, he only sticks around for short bursts, but when he's there, you don't know how you ever got by without him. Plus, he never poops on the rug or needs to be walked. That's the mark of a great sidekick.

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Toplist The Greatest Videogame Sidekick of All-Time

January 15, 2013

Next to every great videogame hero is a sidekick – giving you helpful advice, occasionally being annoying as hell, being sorta-but-not-too effective in battles, but always remaining loyal and useful. But amongst the innumerable sidekicks that have nobly fought (or helped out in fights) throughout videogame history, which one is the greatest of all? Vote for your favorite! Will it be one of your always-in-mortal-danger teammates from Mass Effect? An immortal mutant fox who can fly? Or maybe a friendly, selfless dinosaur? HEY, LISTEN! …the choice is yours.

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Article Flowchart: Which Sidekick is Right For You?

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