Videogame Expendables

Picture Videogame Expendables

November 02, 2012

"Samus, we all know you've been working out, but the rest of us were responsible enough to bring our suits."

Metroid Revelation

Picture Metroid Revelation

October 23, 2012

Should have paid more attention when Samus kept saying she needed to get some tampons after this.

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Zero Suit Samus Cosplay

Picture Zero Suit Samus Cosplay

October 01, 2012

Why wear protective armor when you have skintight spandex?

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Master Chief Meets Samus

Picture Master Chief Meets Samus

September 07, 2012

If you can't ball with the best, get off Zebes!

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Incredible Metroid Cosplay

Picture Incredible Metroid Cosplay

August 27, 2012

This cosplay (cos)works.

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Ridley Tattoo Is Pissed At Chillin' Samus

Picture Ridley Tattoo Is Pissed At Chillin' Samus

August 10, 2012

She's chiller than the Ice Beam.

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Metroid Lore in a Minute

Video Metroid Lore in a Minute

July 26, 2012

Spoiler: no one knows why Samus wears a bikini.

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Zero Suit Samus Has a Lightsaber (For Some Reason)

Picture Zero Suit Samus Has a Lightsaber (For Some Reason)

July 06, 2012

Just like in my fan fiction, except without Pokemon and Dr. Who.

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Video Wars

Picture Video Wars

May 31, 2012

Use the Game Genie, Samus.

Samus the Samurai

Picture Samus the Samurai

May 07, 2012

If you don't beat the game within 10 minutes, she is honor-bound to commit seppuku. In a bikini!

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