Samurai-Era Wind Waker Art

Picture Samurai-Era Wind Waker Art

January 23, 2014

Shut up and take my ryō!

Bioshock Infinite: Samurai Edition

Picture Bioshock Infinite: Samurai Edition

June 13, 2013

Bring us the girl, save your honor.

Legend of Zelda Samurai

Picture Legend of Zelda Samurai

July 03, 2012

It's dangerous to go alone. Take them.

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Feudal Pokemon

Picture Feudal Pokemon

July 02, 2012

We must catch them all, for our family's honor.

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Star Fox Samurai

Picture Star Fox Samurai

June 21, 2012

Fox – you must be one with nature to perform the legendary "roll of barrel."

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Kirby Samurai

Picture Kirby Samurai

June 14, 2012

He is swift and merciless, like the wind. Also, he sucks in stuff, sorta like the wind.

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Castlevania Samurai

Picture Castlevania Samurai

June 05, 2012

Being resurrected probably goes against the samurai code of honor.

Mario Kart Samurai

Picture Mario Kart Samurai

May 30, 2012

It is most dishonorable to use lightning before a big jump.

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Link as a Samurai

Picture Link as a Samurai

May 18, 2012

He took a vow of silence.

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Samus the Samurai

Picture Samus the Samurai

May 07, 2012

If you don't beat the game within 10 minutes, she is honor-bound to commit seppuku. In a bikini!

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