Borderlands Goes Retro

Picture Borderlands Goes Retro

August 23, 2013

It's 16 bits of chaos.

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Videogames Are So Cool

Picture Videogames Are So Cool

August 13, 2013

Nintendo: Winning over hardcore gamers since 1986.

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Article The Dorklyst: 11 Terrible Videogames Worth More Than Your First Car

By Hudson Hongo / August 9, 2013
The Dorklyst: 11 Terrible Videogames Worth More Than Your First Car

Some rare games are lost classics, superb artistic and technical achievements that, for one reason or another, flopped in the marketplace faster than you can say "8-bit Moby-Dick." But for every Ōkami and EarthBound, there are 100 other failed releases like Cheetahmen II, gag-inducing stinkers that even their creators would prefer we just forget about. Unfortunately for them, the collector's market doesn't give a Shaq-Fu what they think, as evidenced by these 11 awful, rare, and awfully rare games that nevertheless sell for more than your high school beater.

11. Link: The Faces of Evil

Auction Price: $590Car It's Worth More Than: 1989 Geo Metro

Criticize Skyward Sword all you want, at least it never triggered any acid flashbacks. The same can't be said for Link: The Faces of Evil, one of three notoriously weird Zelda titles released on the Philips CD-i. Seemingly based on one of Shigeru Miyamoto's fever dreams, The Faces of Evil is famous for the bizarre full-motion cutscenes that make it closer to a David Lynch movie than a proper Zelda outing. But despite looking and sounding like a prescription cough syrup bender, a new copy of this game can sell for nearly $600, making it a better investment than that Geo Metro your buddy swears just needs a new transmission.

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Retro Ops II: Black Ops II Rage Montage

Video Retro Ops II: Black Ops II Rage Montage

January 08, 2013

Get ready to pwn n00bs – 56K dial-up modem style.

Classic Videogame Character Race

Video Classic Videogame Character Race

November 20, 2012

Slow 'n steady…is for n00bs.

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World's Dorkiest Headphones

Picture World's Dorkiest Headphones

March 27, 2012

Enjoy quality surround sound while protecting your head from blunt force trauma!

Article Gaming Then & Now

By Andrew Bridgman / March 22, 2012

 - Image 1

 - Image 1
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Adventure Time Retro Game

Video Adventure Time Retro Game

March 07, 2012

What time is it? Seriously, I don't own a watch.

WTF Monster Party

Video WTF Monster Party

March 06, 2012

You'll never look at Monster Party the same. Not that you ever looked at it anyway.

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