Operation Raccoon City: The Death of Leon Kennedy

Video Operation Raccoon City: The Death of Leon Kennedy

April 15, 2011

These guys are single handedly undoing all the good I did by beating Resident Evil 2.

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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Teaser Trailer

Video Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Teaser Trailer

March 30, 2011

They must be saving all the puzzle footage for an epic "all puzzle" trailer.

Article The 5 Most Awesomely Cheesy Fight Scenes in Videogame Movies

March 28, 2011


Mortal Kombat Annihilation is the second film (god willing not the last) in the MK saga. The fight scenes are far superior to the original, blending nostalgia and hilarity into a cocktail fit for a King of the Outworld. Honestly? This battle could have been number one if Jax could have squeezed in just a couple more perfectly timed one-liners. Regardless, it does MK justice; especially when Sonya delivers her famous "Kiss of Death" fatality to a cyborg. The explosion at 4:34 is worth the price of admission alone.


The RE films are pretty similar to their source material: The action is beautiful while the plot is more confusing than Russell Brand's sex appeal. This scene showcases the lickers just as Capcom would have wanted: Ugly, fast, and creepy as all hell. And in staying true to the RE game series, Alice doesn't move while shooting. Also, Jill is wearing the EXACT outfit she wore in Resident Evil 3, making her the last person to tie a sweatshirt around her waist since 1996.

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Dorkly Bits: Resident Evil Roommate

original Dorkly Bits: Resident Evil Roommate

February 14, 2011

This is what happens when you find a roommate on Craigslist in Raccoon City.

Resident Evil's Wesker in an Old Spice Parody

Video Resident Evil's Wesker in an Old Spice Parody

February 01, 2011

He's the man your man could kill like.

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Epic Resident Evil Collection

video Epic Resident Evil Collection

December 10, 2010

In order to view this video, you'll need the eagle crest. See more of the collection here: //www.youtube.com/user/itchytasty06

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Article Resident Safety

November 24, 2010
  1. Claire

    Run Leon! The zombies are coming!

  2. Leon

    Hold up, I'm gonna take these guys out.

  3. Claire

    Can't you shoot while running? The helicopter is coming!

  4. Leon

    Run and shoot? Are you joking?! Do you know how dangerous that is?

  5. Claire


  6. Leon

    Didn't Chris teach you anything? You have to shoot with a firm base.

  7. Claire

    But… zombies…

  8. Leon

    That's no excuse for ignoring proper technique.

  9. Claire

    Whatever, give me a hand moving this roadblock.

  10. Leon

    Sorry, need both hands for shooting.

  11. Claire

    It's a handgun…

  12. Leon

    Yep, got to make sure my shots are stabilized from the recoil. Don't want one of these slugs going rogue. Someone could get seriously hurt.

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Dancing with the S.T.A.R.S

Picture Dancing with the S.T.A.R.S

September 01, 2010

Poor Nemesis, he got paired with Brad. Guy's got no rhythm.

Article Resident Obstruction

August 25, 2010
  1. Leon

    Looks like we need to walk down this alleyway…Sh*t, it's blocked. There has to be a way around it.

  2. Claire

    But it's just an abandoned car and some trashcans, I'm sure we can climb over…

  3. Leon

    Dammit Claire! We don't have time! I found this letter that says there is a key hidden in the cemetery that will unlock the red door where we can find parts to the fire hydrant so we can put out the fire blocking city hall.

  4. Claire

    But seriously, this pile is made out of cardboard boxes. I guarantee that I can slip between those stacks.

  5. Leon

    It's too high to climb!

  6. Claire

    It's literally four feet high, and there's a ladder leaning against that wall.

  7. Leon

    Oh. I guess I didn't see that before.

  8. Claire

    You didn't see the twelve-foot ladder right in front of your face, but you were going to search a graveyard, at night, infested with zombies, to find a tiny key?

  9. Leon

    Well I guess when you put it like…

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