R2-D2's Secret

Picture R2-D2's Secret

July 26, 2011

It's a closely guarded fact that all astromech droids are powered by tiny princesses.

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Giant Fan-Made R2-D2

Picture Giant Fan-Made R2-D2

July 14, 2011

Something tells me an 8-foot-tall R2 would have no qualms about kicking Chewbacca's ass in Holochess.

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R2D2 Beer Mug

Picture R2D2 Beer Mug

February 20, 2012

Not only is he every Starfighter's best friend, he's also a great drinking buddy.

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R2D2 Swimsuit Girl

Picture R2D2 Swimsuit Girl

June 10, 2011

I don't remember R2 being quite so… top-heavy.

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R2- D2 Garbage Bin

Picture R2- D2 Garbage Bin

May 12, 2011

A good way to spot the biggest nerd on your street.

R2-D2 Cake

Picture R2-D2 Cake

March 21, 2011

Perfect for your next Forever-A-Bachelor party.

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R2D2 Swimsuit

Picture R2D2 Swimsuit

October 21, 2010

Take note George Lucas: Recasting droids with models would be a much better way to ruin your next movie.

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R2D2 Vacuum

Picture R2D2 Vacuum

October 14, 2010

This must be the R2D2 from the prequels because he SUCKS.

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R2D2 Observatory

Picture R2D2 Observatory

June 04, 2010

And you thought they couldn't make an observatory any nerdier.

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