Article The Nerdiest Jack-o'-Lanterns On the Internet

By Chloe Cole / October 31, 2013




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The Death Pumpkin

Picture The Death Pumpkin

October 11, 2012

That's no moon….how did you even think it was a moon? It's like, a foot tall, man. C'mon.

Portal Pumpkin Turret

Picture Portal Pumpkin Turret

October 10, 2012

"When life gives you pumpkins, make pumpkin-turrets." – Cave Johnson

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Ultra Realistic Zombie Pumpkin (Halloween 2k11)

Picture Ultra Realistic Zombie Pumpkin (Halloween 2k11)

November 01, 2011

This is what you get when a regular zombie bites a pumpkin.

Batman Jack-o-Lantern

Picture Batman Jack-o-Lantern

October 28, 2011

The world's most badass vigilante pumpkin.

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Article The Weekly IRL: Nerd-O-Lanterns (7 Pictures)

By Staff / October 27, 2011

(via Obvious Winner)

(via Nataly Lemus)
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Minesweeper Jack-o-Lantern

Picture Minesweeper Jack-o-Lantern

October 25, 2011

Quick, carve a flag in the left corner.

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Zelda Shield Lantern

Picture Zelda Shield Lantern

October 25, 2011

Use it to protect your Link pumpkin.

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Awesome Pokemon Jack-o-Lanterns

Picture Awesome Pokemon Jack-o-Lanterns

October 25, 2011

Gotta carve em' all.

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Incredible Star Wars Pumpkins

Picture Incredible Star Wars Pumpkins

October 20, 2011

The gourd is strong with this one.