Starburst Wrapper Charmander

Picture Starburst Wrapper Charmander

July 17, 2013

Keep a Full Restore handy in case this gives you diabetes.

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Article 8 First Generation Pokemon Dumber Than Anything That Came After

By Andrew Bridgman / July 16, 2013
8 First Generation Pokemon Dumber Than Anything That Came After

There's always a lot of grumbling whenever a new generation of Pokemon games come out – primarily that Nintendo is scraping the bottom of the PokeWell and coming out with ridiculously stupid designs for Pokemon, like ice cream cones and ghost swords. But the truth is that Nintendo has always included incredibly dumb Pokemon designs (with some even dumber names), ever since the very beginning. Here are 8 first generation Pokemon that are dumber than anything that came after.

8. Porygon

8 First Generation Pokemon Dumber Than Anything That Came After

Pitch: "Hey, you know what's crazy? Computers. What about a computer program Pokemon? Yeah, sure it can exist in the real world, even though it's explicitly made of virtual polygons."

Porygon's an incredibly dumb idea for a Pokemon. It's literally made of programming code, but it somehow interacts with the physical world. In other words, it makes no sense at all and Nintendo just thought it would be neat to have some kind of Pokemon to take advantage of the "computer" fad that was sweeping the world.

How Lazy Is The Name: It's like Polygon, but we replaced the L with an R for some reason. Possibly to sound like an incredibly racist impression of a Japanese person? We can only hope.

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JHall Comics: Joyless

Picture JHall Comics: Joyless

July 12, 2013

Go to heal.

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Comic Eevee's Newest Evolution

By Andy Kluthe and Andrew Bridgman / July 12, 2013

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♪ Pokémon Master - Oliver Age 24 ♪

Video ♪ Pokémon Master - Oliver Age 24 ♪

July 11, 2013

You gotta draw 'em all.

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Pokemon Call-In Prank

Video Pokemon Call-In Prank

July 10, 2013

May Arceus save you.

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The Evolution of Surf

Picture The Evolution of Surf

July 10, 2013

Hanging ten is super effective.

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Pokemon vs. ChatRoulette

Picture Pokemon vs. ChatRoulette

July 09, 2013

At least no one used Flash.

Comic The Evolution of Pokemon Players

By Andy Kluthe and Andrew Bridgman / July 8, 2013

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Pokemon Offscreen

Video Pokemon Offscreen

July 05, 2013

The pen is mightier than the thunderbolt.

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