Pikachu Gets Rabies

Video Pikachu Gets Rabies

May 16, 2013

Pika-shoot for the stars.

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Pokemon Ice Cream

Picture Pokemon Ice Cream

May 15, 2013

Look who's suddenly weak against fire-types.

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The Inevitable Endgame for Pokemon Z

Picture The Inevitable Endgame for Pokemon Z

May 03, 2013


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Picture Dog-achu

April 22, 2013

We should have never left Arcanine and Pikachu alone in that daycare…

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PokeAwesome: Getting a Gym Badge

Video PokeAwesome: Getting a Gym Badge

April 12, 2013

He'll earn it, one way or another.

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Picture Pika-Thor

April 11, 2013

Not to hammer this in, but she's gonna bring the thunder.

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Pokeball Z

Video Pokeball Z

April 02, 2013

The weirdness level is…8999. Whew.

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Guinea Pig Pikachu Cosplay

Picture Guinea Pig Pikachu Cosplay

March 20, 2013

As soon as we figure out how to run 10,000 volts of electricity through guinea pigs without killing them, Pokemon will be real.

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Too Many Yellow Gameboys

Picture Too Many Yellow Gameboys

February 22, 2013

You may notice one of them is slightly different: one is actually a stuffed Pikachu.

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Pokemon Relationship Issues

Picture Pokemon Relationship Issues

February 22, 2013

Don't hurt the ones you love.

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