Article The Top 15 PC Games of All Time

By Staff / March 6, 2012
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Thanks for voting in our search for the greatest PC game of all time! We've got your results here, but heads up, we only included the highest voted game from each series. No one wants to read about the same game three times. We'd have to copy/paste the previous entry and add "but with better graphics!" to the bottom. And that would be dumb. So sorry, Starcraft II, but Starcraft beat you handily. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Not as powerful as a Battlecruiser, but still.

15. Counter-Strike

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It's easy to overlook Counter-Strike today. The landscape is bullet-riddled with team-based, high-budget war simulators. Battlefield and Modern Warfare get all the attention, but those games are for n00bs. Counter-Strike is for l337 h4×0rs. Anyone can hop into one of the yearly triple-A shooters, run off as a lone gun and score some kills. They're mindless. Not only will you die instantly if you try that in CS, you won't have fun. Counter-Strike isn't built for the shoot/die/respawn/repeat mindset. It takes skill and team work to win, like a sport. N00bs spend a lot of time watching games from the grave. If you're willing to stick with it long enough to learn what you're doing, it's very rewarding. No other multiplayer game quite captures the feeling of being the last surviving member of your team and taking out the final opponent in de_dust.

14. Mass Effect 2

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It's not easy creating a sequel to a game that received near perfect reviews across the board, but Mass Effect 2 not only lived up to its predecessor, it eclipsed it. It even allowed you to bring over the Commander Shepard you created in the first game. The Shepard that made you proud. The one that sometimes punched a deserving news reporter in the face. Or, if you messed up so badly that you'd rather pretend he never existed, it allowed you to hand craft a new Shepard with trillion dollar plastic surgery. How they can practically rebuild a man from scratch but not fix Joker's limp is still a mystery.

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