Paperboy Remade as Violent Grindhouse Classic

Video Paperboy Remade as Violent Grindhouse Classic

December 03, 2013

Paperboy is about to meet his deadline.

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Paperboy Virtual Reality

Video Paperboy Virtual Reality

August 07, 2013

For anyone who ever wanted to avoid tornadoes and Death himself for minimum wage.

Paperboy Newsroom

original Paperboy Newsroom

September 17, 2012

A paperboy who doesn't destroy every window in sight? News to me.

Contra vs. Paperboy

Video Contra vs. Paperboy

January 12, 2012

He'll deliver your papers straight to hell.

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Article Paperboy is a Terrible Employee

August 16, 2010

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Article Origin Story: Paperboy

July 26, 2010
  1. Atari headquarters, 1983. A group of bored game designers sit around a table.

  2. Carl

    All right, guys, I know it's been a slow day, but let's finish on a high note, okay? We just need to come up with something that kids will find fun. We were all kids once. What did you guys think was fun when you were kids? How about you, Jonathan?

  3. Jonathan

    Hmm… I had a paper route for a while. That was pretty good.

  4. Carl

    Okay, good. What sort of stuff did you do?

  5. Jonathan

    Let's see… I delivered papers. That was important.

  6. Dave

    Sure. What else?

  7. Jonathan

    Well, I delivered the papers while riding a bike.

  8. Russell

    Okay! Bike riding! Now we're getting somewhere!

  9. Jonathan

    I don't know. The whole biking around thing wasn't really that fun. I remember having to spend a lot mental energy just avoiding obstacles. Lots of fire hydrants and lawnmowers and bees. Also a lot of breakdancers for some reason.

  10. Dave

    Hmm. Maybe we should focus on the act of delivering the papers. You had to throw the papers at the houses, right?

  11. Jonathan

    Oh, yeah.

  12. Dave

    And throwing stuff's pretty fun, right?

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Paperboy: The Movie

Video Paperboy: The Movie

July 20, 2010

"Some day, son. You'll be a paper-man."

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