Pac-Man vs. Mario

Video Pac-Man vs. Mario

October 03, 2012

They're in a fight to the death. Too bad they each have 3 lives.

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The Truth About Pac-Man

Picture The Truth About Pac-Man

August 28, 2012

He ain't afraid of no ghost.

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Trippy Pac-Man Art

Picture Trippy Pac-Man Art

August 08, 2012

But a yellow monster devouring undead souls always seemed so kid-friendly.

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Picture Pac-Mods

August 07, 2012

You can nom-nom on more than ghosts and pellets.

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Starry Night at the Arcade

Picture Starry Night at the Arcade

August 07, 2012

By Vincent van Ghost.

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Mario Post-It Life

Video Mario Post-It Life

July 25, 2012

Make sure to raid the supply closet tomorrow.

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Pac-Man Is Horrifying

Picture Pac-Man Is Horrifying

July 06, 2012

As if dying and turning into a ghost wasn't bad enough.

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Your Brain On Videogames

Picture Your Brain On Videogames

June 26, 2012

Quick, start thinking about big dots!

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Pac-Man's Pac-Wedding

original Pac-Man's Pac-Wedding

May 26, 2012

Grab a slice of dot-flavored wedding cake.

Incredible Pac-Man Cupcakes

Picture Incredible Pac-Man Cupcakes

May 17, 2012

After eating these, you really get a craving to eat the restless spirits of the dead.

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