Mega64: Uncharted 3

Video Mega64: Uncharted 3

March 13, 2012

Life is the greatest game of all.

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Mega64: Catherine

Video Mega64: Catherine

August 08, 2011

"If it works in Anime, it works in real life." – Winston Churchill

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Mega64: Deus Ex Tribute

Video Mega64: Deus Ex Tribute

July 29, 2011

That settles it. Square Enix needs to set the new Deus Ex in an Office Depot.

Mega64: Sonic Still Sucks

Video Mega64: Sonic Still Sucks

April 14, 2011

But this one has better graphics! ….I mean fries.

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Mega64: Limbo

Video Mega64: Limbo

April 07, 2011

Life is full of little bear traps.

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Mega64: Heavy Rain

Video Mega64: Heavy Rain

March 16, 2011

The best way to find the Origami Killer is by annoying strangers.

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Mega64: Castlevania

Video Mega64: Castlevania

September 27, 2010

Fun Fact: Random people on the street know very little about finding the heart of Dracula.

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Mega64: Nintendo 3DS

Video Mega64: Nintendo 3DS

June 15, 2010

He's so life-like! It's almost like he's really stealing all our stuff.

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