Article Poké-Mecha: Lego Monsters in Disguise

By Jake Young / via Stormbringer / December 11, 2013

From the plastic-brick-addled mind of flickr user "Stormbringer" comes this reinterpretation of the Kanto starters as robotic battle mechs.

According to the artist: "I've created a new form of Pokemon battle, where giant mechs known as Poke-Mecha, engage in large-scale Pokemon battles, who are controlled by the Pokemon trainers who built them."


PokMecha: Lego Monsters in Disguise

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'Pacific Rim' Inspires "Brooklyn Typhoon"

Picture 'Pacific Rim' Inspires "Brooklyn Typhoon"

December 05, 2013

One cosplayer decided to cancel the apocalypse in style.

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