Article Pwn Up: Friendship is Tragic

By Jake Young / November 18, 2013

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Pwn Up: Friendship is Tragic


So back in the day my friends and I were having a Halo 2 match using nothing but shotguns and sniper rifles. We were all playing at my house and it was all on one TV. As such screen peeking was an issue, but as friends we tried not to peek in order to keep it competitive. I had found a great perch to snipe from and was doing my best when I noticed buddy Michael's player had stopped moving. I couldn't help myself and looked at his screen only to notice that he had a shotgun pointed right at someone's head at point blank range. By the time the light bulb flicked on and I realized what was happening I was dead. Now here's the kicker. In the game he had snuck up behind me, put the barrel right against my head, and then in real life he turned and waited for me to notice. Only when he saw my expression change did he blow my head off. In hindsight it was hilarious, but in that moment I got pissed and punched him in the shoulder as hard as I could.....and dislocated it. We popped it back in, but we decided to take a break from Halo for a while.



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Friends til the end (of this game).

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Ain't no party like a Mario party.

Article Ain't No Party Like a Mario Party

By Lev Novak / October 26, 2011
  1. Mario

    Hey guys! Party time, am I right?

  2. Luigi

    Yeah…uh, hey dude?

  3. Mario


  4. Luigi

    Why did you invite Boo and Wario?

  5. Mario

    It ain't a party unless our enemies are here, for some reason.

  6. Luigi

    Yeah, but Boo? You know ever since the haunted-

  7. Mario

    Let it go, bro. Just…just let it go.

  8. Wario

    Hey dude, where are the chicks?

  9. Mario

    I'm sorry Wario, but the babes are at another party. The only girls we brought for the entire party are our girlfriends. If that doesn't say "party" than I don't know what does. And speaking of that-

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Video Mario Party 3: Luigi Wins By Doing Nothing

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Anyone who thinks computers will some day take over the world need only watch this video.

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Mario Party Personalities

Picture Mario Party Personalities

October 03, 2011

Let's not forget the fifth guy who's been waiting an hour and a half for his turn.

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August 10, 2011

They've got mushroom mixup down to a mushroom science.

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