Article Last Minute Gift Ideas: Classic Cartridge Soaps

By Jake Young / via Firebox / December 5, 2013

In the leadup to Christmas (and the chaotic wake of Thanksgiv-ukkah) we wanted to do a series highlighting some fun, cheapish items you can pick up for your geek-minded friends, loved ones, and non-threatening coworkers. 


Last Minute Gift Ideas: Classic Cartridge Soaps


Have you ever wanted to feel nostalgic while wet and naked? Because that dream can now be a reality. 

Lovingly molded by UK-based soapers Game Odour, we were shocked by how realistic these cartridge soaps looked in these photos. No really, we actually entertained the idea that they just sudsed-up some old SNES carts for what we can only imagine was "the most pointless deception ever concieved by human minds".

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