Article The 7 Hottest Cosplays Ever!

By Andrew Bridgman / October 2, 2013

The 7 Hottest Cosplays Ever

Here's the secret of cosplays everywhere: they have the potential to be HOT. I mean, really really hot. Some of the hottest stuff you'll ever encounter will be the elaborate cosplays worn by the bodacious babes and bros at conventions across the world. And we've gathered the 7 hottest of the hot. You can practically feel the heat!

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Hot Link

Picture Hot Link

May 12, 2010

Now that's something legendary.

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Girl Gamer Tattoo

Picture Girl Gamer Tattoo

May 09, 2010

So, can I get your World of Warcraft character's name and server? Maybe we can go on a raid some time.

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Controller Dress

Picture Controller Dress

May 07, 2010

I'd like to push her buttons.

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