Lego Master Chief Helmet

Picture Lego Master Chief Helmet

November 17, 2010

Psh, real Spartan armor is made out of K'Nex. By: //

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Halo Perfection

video Halo Perfection

November 16, 2010

A god among teabaggers. Player: //

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Comic Dueling Analogs: The Halo Experience

November 12, 2010

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Unbelievable Halo Reach Kill

video Unbelievable Halo Reach Kill

November 04, 2010

Don't you hate it when a spartan falls from the sky and breaks your neck?

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Article Covenant Armor is Stupid

November 3, 2010
  1. Elite

    Hierarch! I have returned from battle. I have slain many humans and have brought honor and glory to the Covenant!

  2. Hierarch

    Excellent work, my child. I hereby promote you to the rank of General.

  3. Elite


  4. Hierarch

    And, as befitting a warrior of your stature, you will be given this glorious golden armor to wear into battle.

  5. Elite


  6. Hierarch

    And this giant golden helmet. And this light-up energy sword.

  7. Elite


  8. Hierarch


  9. Elite

    Hang on. Don't we have a camouflage pattern, or-

  10. Hierarch


  11. Elite

    Wait, don't you think this is a little showy for a soldier's uniform? It doesn't really blend into the battlefield. Actually, now that I think about it, nothing we own does.

  12. Hierarch


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Ridiculous Halo Reach Kill

video Ridiculous Halo Reach Kill

October 25, 2010

Get yourself killed and look cool doing it!

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Comic Nerf Now: Standards

October 22, 2010

See more by Nerf Now!

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Awesome Halo Stunt

video Awesome Halo Stunt

October 20, 2010

"There never was a good war or bad peace until we discovered jet packs." – Ben Franklin

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Halo Reach in a Nutshell

Picture Halo Reach in a Nutshell

October 20, 2010

But the feeling of accomplishment will give you a healthy glow.

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Halo Spartan Goes to Heaven

Video Halo Spartan Goes to Heaven

October 21, 2010

Do you believe in life after pwnage?

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