Article Everybody Hadoukens, and We Have the GIFs to Prove It

By Jake Young / February 20, 2014

Consider the mighty Hadouken. The most universally famous of the special moves, there is something so compelling about it. Focusing your energy, drawing back, and with both open palms releasing a powerful blast to obliterate your enemies. At least once in your life I bet you even tried to do it when nobody was looking. Young or old, human or animal, nobody can escape the fantasy of the Hadouken which is why we've assembled these GIFs.

Admittedly, a few Kamehameha Waves got thrown in there and not Hadoukens, but let's stop pretending those are two different things already. 


Let's start with these guys who are all masters of the variant technique "The Dad-ouken"

Just Some Everyday Hadouken Gifs 

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GIF of the Day: Hand-ouken!

Picture GIF of the Day: Hand-ouken!

January 17, 2014

Who needs a next-gen console when you have a whiteboard, imagination, and the sweet buzz of dry-erase marker fumes.

How It's Played: Hadouken

Video How It's Played: Hadouken

July 01, 2013

Balls of pure energy are more common than you'd think.

Maker vs. Marker Battle!

Video Maker vs. Marker Battle!

May 10, 2013

Don't be a button-marker.



May 01, 2013

Just move your legs down, down-forward, forward + punch (but with your legs).

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Man Performs Inverse Hadoukens

Video Man Performs Inverse Hadoukens

October 25, 2012

Now to use actual Hadoukens to light them again…

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The Ultimate Hadouken

Picture The Ultimate Hadouken

October 08, 2012

It sucks having to buy a new TV every time you do a combo.